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Nov 09, 2020 | Dave Tiffin | 815 views
OHF Policy on "Non-Sanctioned" Leagues
     WMHA has fielded some questions lately about ramifications if a player were to participate in a "Non-Sanctioned" hockey league or association........sometimes referred to as an "Outlaw" league.    Please find the link below to the OHF Policy: https://www.ohf.on.ca/media/o2zj5kjr/ohf-unsanctioned-league-policy.pdf 
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     As a summary to this policy, any player who participates in a non-sanctioned association after September 30th will not be eligible to return to any Hockey Canada league, team or association for the remainder of the season.  "This policy will remain in effect even if the NonSanctioned League or team folds, or the Participant is released, suspended or fired from that League or team."
     Wingham Minor Hockey respects the right of every individual to choose between participating in our Hockey Canada sanctioned association, or a Non-Sanctioned League at the beginning of each hockey season; however, we feel it's important that you are aware of the consequences of doing so.